The idea for MORTAL THOUGHTS — not in name but in body — began taking shape for me in November 2015. Like many others, I wade in the erratic waters of intellect and mortality and all of the precious cognitive and ethereal lakes, rivers, and streams that congregate between. I have been blessed to hone those temporal thoughts into poetry over the years, an extraordinary written art form that, for whatever reason, arises in me during my most mystifying times.


Staring skyward at night-light

flickering stars yawn and wink

royal blue canvas eclipses daylight

moonlight on my bedspread plays. (1-4)


While the poems in this volume were penned from the 1970s until the month of publication, this collection was compiled, edited, and refined between February 2016 and June 2017. I hope you enjoy Mortal Thoughts as much as I did in its creation.

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