The Butcher

“This is the third mystery in the C. J. Cavanaugh P.I. series, and my favorite to date. The nonstop twists and turns will keep you reading far into the night.” –- Leigh Goodison

The Family Stone

"The Family Stone is an exquisitely written family chronicle surrounding the owners of Willie's Market, Abraham and Winona Stone. Set in the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, Willie's Market is the nucleus where family, friends, adversaries, and old lovers converge. Filled with humor, sadness, love and tragedy, the characters will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. Highly recommended. I purchased this book directly from the publisher." -- Leona Grieve

“I am happy with my purchase, would buy this book again, and do recommend it to an adult audience." -- George (Amazon)

Blue Sun

"Lane’s Blue Sun is reminiscent of the great Robert Parker, concise, to the point, and engaging enough to want to finish in a day. A cross between Parker’s tough and loyal Spenser and gumption of TV insurance investigator Banacek, following Cavanaugh into the real estate world in this mystery is easy and one even this normally cozy reader would want to see again and again." – Joyce’s Review

“This is the third mystery in the C. J. Cavanaugh P.I. series, and my favorite to date. The nonstop twists and turns will keep you reading far into the night.” –- Leona Grieve

"Though in the initial pages it was slow to build up the part but then suddenly I was like "WOW" it escalated fast and what was a simple case became deadly; This book makes you double think and then think again and makes for good riveting read. This book has all the right ingredients for a blockbuster." -- Divya Mahajan

"The author really knows what it means to write a well captivating and entertaining book that makes you think that you are watching the real movie." -- Dancan M

"Saucy characters, a solid plot, and quick pace all make this an intense book. Lane writes with an exciting and fast pace, keeping your attention until the very end of this engaging story. Highly recommend for an interesting and engaging read." -- Valery

"I really loved reading this book. It is surely a page-turner where one event leads to another and you feel like finishing off the entire book in one go. The story revolves around murder of Mr. Harriman and finding out who got him killed. The detective role is super good and his way of interrogating others made me feel that movie should be made on this brilliant book. Trust me, if you are someone who likes to enjoy thrilling books then it is must read for you." -- Gurpreet Dhariwal 

UFOs and God

"Entertaining and Evocative 

Beautifully conceived and executed ‘UFOs and God’ is an intriguing collection of short stories, ranging widely in both tone and plots with varying formats and lengths in multiple genres... An ideal collection to give, share and indulge in, ‘UFOs and God’ is a 5 star read!"— ENAS Reviews

“The emotions in these tales are extremely vivid – making it an extremely entertaining and enjoyable experience for the reader. Good to read in one sitting, or to pick up and read a quick story every now and then.” -- Luke Marlowe, The Bookbag

“The stories range from a couple of pages to over thirty... While varied and unique from one another, they are united by the frailty yet strength of their humanity. Lane is a seasoned writer, and his skills are on display in UFOs and God.” -- Lee Ware, US Review of Books

"As an avid short story reader, I was excited to pick up this collection by talented author, Michael Lane... UFOs and God opens a window into the human spirit: a masterfully woven tapestry of love, loss, forgiveness, and laughter.” -- Leigh Goodison, author of the St. Augustus Chronicles


“Short story readers who relish philosophical and psychological introspection in a diverse array of characters and life-changing yet small events will find this collection thought-provoking in nature and satisfyingly diverse in scope.” -– Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"All in all, Lane has compiled an assortment of unique stories that are as entertaining as they are touching, and any reader will feel as if their time reading was well spent." -- Nayala Smith (Dog-Eared Reviews)

The Gem Connection

"Lane is a master of characterization, and The Gem Connection is another showcase for the fascinating characters created by this talented author. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. Highly recommended. I purchased this book directly from the publisher."—Leigh Goodison, Author of Limboland

“Michael Lane’s story takes readers on a thrilling ride filled with excitement, mystery, and suspense. Mystery fans haven't read a story quite like this one.” -- Jennifer Weiss, US Review of Books

“I don't normally go for Private Investigator stories, but I picked this book up 'to have a look' and the characters had me by the end of the first chapter. I read it over a couple of days and when I finished I knew that I'd be delighted to meet CJ and Renita again.” -- Sue Magee, The Bookbag

“ In the end, it’s a glorious triple cross that makes this reviewer think of good film noir, making the reading time well spent.” -- Robert Fleming,


“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to reading more from this author!” -- Wanda

“I really enjoyed this book and strongly recommend it." -- Sincerae

“All the stories are beautifully written and the characters keenly observed.”

-- Mary O'Sullivan (Author of Fire and Ice)

“I didn’t put the book down until I had finished reading every word. To sum it all up in one word: WOW!”

-- Megan Reading in The Sunshine

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