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Dry Plants

Blue Sun

"After a young housekeeper stumbles upon two men holding her boss hostage, Don Harriman, she escapes to alert the neighbors. When the police arrive, there is no body or evidence to suggest a crime. Several days later, Private Investigator C.J. Cavanaugh learns of the case from his love interest, Destini, who is a Portland homicide detective. Harriman’s body has been found and the abduction has turned into a murder investigation. called in to assist in the case and interrogates a series of ingenuous witnesses, including the housekeeper, all of whom have something to hide. But when C.J. is finally able to link a cryptic text message he received prior to Harriman's abduction, motivations become clearer, and ultimately point C.J. toward the killer. Blue Sun, the second novel in the C.J. Cavanaugh private investigator series, is a taut, riveting mystery that will keep you guessing right up to the end." — Leigh Goodison

"Infidelity, real estate, construction, marriage, and murder. That’s enough for a great story, right? KEEP READING. This book will take you on a heck of a ride! I even had to look to see if this was based on a real case when I was done reading it, it was so well done. I would love to see this turned into a movie." -- The McKenzies

"Though in the initial pages it was slow to build up the part but then suddenly I was like "WOW" it escalated fast and what was a simple case became deadly; This book makes you double think and then think again and makes for good riveting read. This book has all the right ingredients for a blockbuster." -- Divya Mahajan

"Saucy characters, a solid plot, and quick pace all make this an intense book. Lane writes with an exciting and fast pace, keeping your attention until the very end of this engaging story. Highly recommend for an interesting and engaging read." -- Valery

"Lane’s Blue Sun is reminiscent of the great Robert Parker, concise, to the point, and engaging enough to want to finish in a day. A cross between Parker’s tough and loyal Spenser and gumption of TV insurance investigator Banacek, following Cavanaugh into the real estate world in this mystery is easy and one even this normally cozy reader would want to see again and again." –- Joyce

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