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Daniel “Dan” Bluford is the Director of Polar City Single Organism Research Lab Facilities. A business he helped to create. The world’s leading architect of sustainable, ecologically conscious products for energy, manufacturing, water treatment, waste management, and environmental clean-up equipment. A company whose mission statement read in part, “Better environment through industry.”

Unable to stay awake on his drive home after work, the loving husband and father stopped for coffee at a familiar coffee shop. The place was empty, aside from a lone barista. A young woman with a sacred Maori chin tattoo and an infectious smile.

Dan decides to stay and drink some of his pick-me-up before heading back on the road. He has a seat and sends a text message to his wife to inform her of his intentions. Toni responds that she understands, adorned with hearts and kisses emoji. Shortly afterward, Dan awakens in a strange hospital room on a distant planet, where he is informed that he is part of an exchange student program between his world and theirs.

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From “Case 121” and “Silver Anniversary” to “Coma,” “The Last Serious Man,” and “Fogbound,” Long Journey Home takes the reader on distinctive, eclectic, winding journeys through the astonishing complexities of devotion, relationships, longing, lust, and love with a dash of detective mysteries tossed in for additional spice.
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The Family Stone is a family and community saga of life, death, love, heartbreak, betrayal, hope, faith and redemption.
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UFOS AND GOD (a collection of short stories)
From farm to urban, from World War II to the Digital Age, the places and times, people and events in UFOs and God spotlight the tender underbelly of the human condition in all its glory and despair on these varied stages of fiction.
The casualties of war have not changed over the centuries. Neither victims nor combatants suffer alone. War veteran Gratey Johnson’s minefield-laden march toward redemption is the nucleus for fragmented lives to orbit in their journeys toward Emancipation.
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