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Science Fiction


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  • Daniel “Dan” Bluford is the Director of Polar City Single Organism Research Lab Facilities. A business he helped to create. The world’s leading architect of sustainable, ecologically conscious products for energy, manufacturing, water treatment, waste management, and environmental clean-up equipment. A company whose mission statement read in part, “Better environment through industry.”

    Unable to stay awake on his drive home after work, the loving husband and father stopped for coffee at a familiar coffee shop. The place was empty, aside from a lone barista. A young woman with a sacred Maori chin tattoo and an infectious smile.

    Dan decides to stay and drink some of his pick-me-up before heading back on the road. He has a seat and sends a text message to his wife to inform her of his intentions. Toni responds that she understands, adorned with hearts and kisses emoji. Shortly afterward, Dan awakens in a strange hospital room on a distant planet, where he is informed that he is part of an exchange student program between his world and theirs.

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